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CorpReady Academy, an initiative by CorpReady assists all companies, professionals and students in preparing for the route ahead regardless of their destination. Our selected business and technical courses enable businesses, governments, and organizations to advance their plans by putting learning at the core. CorpReady community aims to fill the gap between the academic and the corporate world also assists all students and professionals to choose the best colleges and institutions to be equipped via initial grooming and technical know-how, making them corporate-ready. This process is important at all stages of your academic and professional careers.

About Corpready

Today, many firms need prospective workforce to possess more than a degree; they want them to be 'work ready. Work-ready candidates are expected to perform the duties of the relevant position. Skill-based training help them to understand the particular equipment or tools before beginning the work. CorpReady assists learners and others who support them (family, teachers, and career counselors) to understand better what work ready implies from a business standpoint. We provide the basic standards for assessing an applicant's work readiness when they apply for a job. These expectations are divided into three categories: beliefs, actions, and skills.

Why Skill Based Courses?

Are Important In 21st Century

Professionally referred to as soft-skill education, life skills education enables individuals to attain their full potential and prepares them for the obstacles of daily life. It is the capacity to think abstractly and approach issues from various perspectives to arrive at practical answers.

Skill-based courses will assist applicants in honing their existing ideas and talents, so enhancing their prospects. Diverse talents enable individuals to obtain new information and brighten their futures.

Employers use the term “skill-based hiring” to refer to the practice of defining specified skill or competence criteria or objectives.

In India, skill development has been seen as a vital component of employment generation. However, to reap the benefits of such a huge workforce, employability must be enhanced.

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